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Wokingham – Ascot, Sunningdale & Windsor – Henley, Marlow Executive Hire – Sonning / Reading / Loddon Cars – Maidenhead & Bracknell.

Godspeed Cars

Prestige Awards 2024,2023,2022 Winner Godspeed Cars

Awarded BEST LUXURY TAXI SERVICE PROVIDER 2024 – SOUTHEAST Business ELITE BEST TAXI SERVICE PROVIDER BERKSHIRE 2023 – UK Enterprise Awards SME News, 2021 & 2022 Transport Awards.


It’s official. Two-thirds of rides arrive within five minutes, with over 90% rides arriving within ten minutes.

Golden Executive Service from Maidenhead Heathrow £13. Fixed Rates 24/7 All Year Round. Book online for a Golden Executive Service. Price Match Guaranteed. Winners of Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

Godspeed cars is a Multi-Award winning firm providing Reliable transport at fair prices across Southeast England; Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, South Oxfordshire, Surrey, London, UK. A range of vehicles suitable for all Service Levels ranging from Economy Class – Business Class (Prestige Cars) – First Class Executive (GOLDEN EXECUTIVE) and Supercar hire, Competitively priced in line with local companies. Godspeed cars is proud to be an Anti-racist company. New for 2024 Golden Executive Service. Life will never be the same once you’ve experienced The Golden Executive treatment.
Godspeed Cars wins LUXURY TAXI COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2024 – Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2024 & SME News UK Transport Awards. In recognition to the quality of service, innovation, experience, sustainability. New for 2024 GOLDEN EXECUTIVE Service.
Winners of Southern Enterprise Awards 2023 Prestige Awards 2022/2021 Winners Godspeed Cars wins BEST LUXURY TAXI SERVICE PROVIDER 2022 – SOUTHEAST. Awarded BEST TAXI SERVICE PROVIDER BERKSHIRE 2021 – UK Enterprise Awards SME News, 2021 & 2022 Transport Awards.


NEW for 2024.

Experience the Golden Executive treatment – in 3 easy steps.

Silence is Golden

Experience the GOLDEN EXECUTIVE treatment

Golden Executive Service from Maidenhead to Gatwick £43. Fixed Rates 24/7 All Year Round. Book online for a Golden Executive Service. Price Match Guaranteed.

Godspeed Cars offering you a fleet of late-model Chauffeur Driven Rolls Royce, Bentley, Executive cars; Mercedes, BMW, Audi – Driven by Experience.


Electric50 ⚡️Offer GOLDEN EXECUTIVE Service. First Of The Month sales promotion June 2024 – Be Driven Direct from ‘Bracknell and Maidenhead’ to Heathrow & Return £50 Fixed TwentyFourSeven. Same applies to Royal Windsor & Ascot, Marlow and Henley.
SNOOZE Mode 🥱 – giving you greater control over your journey, helping you with fatigue and Sleep Deprivation. Medically & psychologically proven Sleep Disturbances cause Depression and Mental Health issues;- Cognitive Impairments and Memory Loss, ADHD and Autism, PTSD, Psychosis and Paranoia and Hallucinations, Anger and Violence, onto Radicalisation, Extremism and Terrorism. Select ‘SNOOZE’ on the Booking Form and zzzzzz 😴
Our improved range of Electric Vehicles includes Tesla, Mercedes E Class E300 plug-in-hybrid, BMW i7. EV’s costs pennies to run in comparison to Petrol/Diesel vehicles – passing the savings back to you. Premium Transport Services at Affordable Prices Book online Quoting FB50EV Terms may apply Email
Check back for more Electrifying First of the Month EV50 Offers coming soon;- Marlow to Heathrow & Return £50 Price Match Promise; Windsor to Heathrow & Return £50; Maidenhead to Gatwick £50 Single; Maidenhead to Luton £50 Single, and so much more. Life will never be the same after you’ve experienced The Golden Executive treatment.😎

Speech is silver, but Silence is Golden.

NOOZE Mode. We know how precious sleep can become when you’re jet lagged, whizzing from meeting to meeting, another late night or sleep disturbances…. We’ve taken initiative to instruct drivers not to chat on early morning pickups, a snooze in the back of our cars is the power nap we all need from time to time. More so when you’ve got nothing to gain from a pointless chinwag with the driver in a language they barely understand, besides you’ve paid them to drive a car not to tell you about their upbringing in a peer worshipping hillbilly third world country ridden with superstition and schisms, which you’ll never visit..!!.Most drivers are trained to brownnose passengers and yap needlessly as a form of Customer Service inspired from Bollywood movies. Sleep deprivation can have many adverse effects on mental and physical health, ranging from anxiety to anger outbursts or most obviously Fatigue – Re:Tired…, in some cases Radicalisation. We’ve equipped drivers with earphones and earplugs for the Snorers. Simply ‘Select’ your preference to ‘SNOOZE’ on the Booking form and Zzzzzzz

Now Showing in a vehicle nearby

Sit Back and Relax with rear-seat entertainment

With ‘Touch Command’ the Theater Screen folds down from the headlining while blinds for rear windows slide shut. Enjoy a Movie en-route to your destination, catch up on News or Play a Game. The panoramic display brings a cinema-quality experience like you’re in the comfort of your own lounge. Don’t forget the popcorn. Silence is Golden. Experience the Golden Executive Service inspired by Bollywood blockbuster Coolie No.786.

Price Match Promise

PRICE MATCH PROMISE : We’ll beat or otherwise atleast match any competitor within 50 mile radius – Book Online
Our rates are competitively priced in line with local companies. Rates advertised are current & valid from 2023. Flat Rates 24/7 ‘Because Time Matters – Price too. Never beaten on price or service. Rates below are Inclusive of Terminal Drop-Off Charges.
1Life is complicated enough without having to choose between the best service and the best price. That’s why we’ll price match if you find it cheaper elsewhere to give you the best value. We’ll also beat Google Review Discount Codes – Typically 15% OFF discounts (TWD10) offered up by local rivals in desperation for positive 5 star Google reviews, as common business practice. Best of all, you can keep your sellout google review ☆☆☆☆☆ We’re well and truly above all that !! 😉


Service Levels to cater to your every travel Need & Want.

□ PRESTIGE CARS (Business Class)



When choosing between Economy and Business class for business travel, there are several factors to consider. Business class offers prestige vehicles, smart drivers, better service and drink options and more amenities than Economy class. However, the price difference can also be significant, as business class taxi fares are usually two to three times more expensive than economy class taxi. If you are traveling for business and need to be productive during the journey business class may be a better option. Business class seats are leather and usually offer more legroom and comfort, as well as additional amenities. Typical vehicle deployed is Mercedes E Class or equivalent.


Service Levels

On the other hand, if you’re traveling for pleasure or on a tight corporate budget, economy may be a better option for you. It’s cheaper than Business Class and gets you where you need to go in the same amount of time as Business Class. Ultimately, choosing economy or business class depends on your budget and how important comfort is to you travel long distances (or short distances). If you’re looking for a more comfortable experience and extra amenities and don’t mind paying more, business class may be the best option for you. However, if you want to save money or maximise your corporate travel spend or don’t need all the extra amenities of business class, economy class may be a better choice for you to convey you from A to B. Typical vehicle is Standard Non-Exec Saloon or hatchback etcetera and drivers are dressed Casual.

NEW for 2024 GOLDEN EXECUTIVE Service offers you luxury vehicles driven by chauffeurs, reflected by the price. Without a Shadow of doubt Carriage suitable for director-level and CEOs, CFOs and board level.

Godspeed Cars 2024

T’is the season of Goodwill

It just wouldn’t be fair or ethical to charge extra over the festive season of Christmas.

□ No Surge Pricing

□ Price Match Guaranteed

□ Same Fixed Rates 24/7 All Year round

□ No Extra Charges


Service fit for a king.

King’s Coronation 2023

It’s official. Two-thirds of rides arrive within five minutes, with over 90% rides arriving within ten minutes.

Open for business 2023/22. Reservations are being accepted for 2023.
We do things differently to the rest.

We’ve removed all the faff of taxi drivers overdressed in suit & tie twentyfourseven prancing around in expensive first class executive or prestige cars – to focus on the basics: Getting you to where you need to be, on time, in comfort and safety – Passing the savings realised directly back to you with competitive taxi fares.!! We’ve streamlined our business model from harnessing over 20 years of experience in the sector to adapt to the changing marketplace, refined policies and processes, reduced overheads and cut away unnecessary administration, archaic methods and old-fashioned ways to improve efficiency and become leaner – Uber-esque.

Resulting in improved productivity and lower operational costs, utilising disruptive innovations we operate remotely using mobile phone telephony and remote technology. With fixed rates 24/7 in line with local companies, we don’t charge drivers a commission or base fee. Renounced taxi drivers being ostentatious in business suits (at your expense) parading around in extravagant Mercedes as local taxis. No ball and chain, instead empowered, contented drivers and flexible working policies. We’re Game Changers.

We keep things simple as 1..2..3.. and get the basics right, drivers are not micro-managed, tracked and needlessly disciplined with bygone stratagems of Give the dog a bone’ and brownnosing workshops. There’s no tyrannical dispatcher or feeding culture either, After all, you hired a taxi Only to transport you from A to B on time, in comfort, safely.. Right..? We encourage drivers to focus on the road ahead, thereby improving the safety of our passengers and other road users simply by ‘Less ass-kissing, better driving’.

“People say the customer is always right, but you know what – they’re not. Sometimes they are wrong, and they need to be told so.”

Michael O’Leary, Ryanair Boss.

Godspeed Cars wins Best Luxury Taxi Service Provider 2022 – South East. SME NEWS 2022 Awards


Reading taxi from Loddon cars to Gatwick £50 Flat Rate 247 Because time matters


Prestige cars Wokingham to Heathrow £25 Elite cars. A Golden Executive Service.


First Class Executive cars from Maidenhead to Luton airport £40 Twentyfourseven

“Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”

Richard Branson, Virgin Group.


Prestige Awards 2021/2022 Winner Godspeed cars Awarded Best Taxi Service Provider Berkshire 2021 – UK Enterprise Awards SME News, 2021 Transport Awards

Maidenhead Taxis

Here at Loddon Cars, we are an established Reading taxi service with well over 20 years of experience within the transport industry. Our longevity and growth within the industry can be put down to our client-focused service, our attention to detail, as well as our constant strive to keep up with the latest changes and trends in technology. All of these attributes allow for us to offer a variety of different transport services, all designed to meet the needs of our clients; to get them to their destinations on time and in the comfort they should expect.

[X] [X] [X]

A Local Reading Taxi Company
Being one of the main jewels in the crown of Berkshire, Reading is part of an area of the South East that is ever-growing – with easy access to London and the South Coast, Berkshire has grown into the ideal area in which to live, work and play. With a growing community, the need for private transport has developed with it – from school runs, events and conferences, sightseeing, air and seaport transit – no matter your need, whether it’s for leisure or corporate use, we can guarantee that we are able to offer you an efficient, swift and safe taxi service.

You can now book you taxi via our online booking portal.


Prestige Awards 2021/2022 Winner Godspeed cars Awarded Best Taxi Service Provider Berkshire 2021 – UK Enterprise Awards SME News, 2021 Transport Awards



Small wonder taxi drivers flocked to Uber in the masses, escaping the shadowy world of private hire taxis plagued with tribalism, feeding culture, tyrannical dispatchers, politics and faff. Rest assured, we don’t operate a caste system of the gujar’s (of Top Cars/ Bees Taxis), the jats (of Platinum Cars or Wellington Cars); the choudary’s, raja’s and bengaladesis from pakstan (of First Class Executive/ Twentyfourseven); the malik’s (of Prestige cars and Elite cars/ Excel cars aka Britannia cars aka Advance cars); or the mirza’s and untouchables, romanians (of Loddon cars aka Budget cars aka Street cars and Meridian cars) or iranians of Swift cars.

Whats more, unlike every other company we don’t discriminate against drivers based upon their appearance, so we don’t regulate drivers moustache or beard length.

Best of all, you’ll not be discriminated against for refusing to subscribe to peer worshipping, hadithism and sectarianism – as practised by these companies, pakindians and mainstream muslims. Whether you choose to live as shia or sunni, schisms ought to matter not. By the same token, if you prefer instead to live by the holy book (Quran) as a non-denominational muslim, that’s your prerogative. To each his own.. Right ..!?
Recruitment >Working together

Executive UK chauffeur service providing luxury chauffeur driven cars across the UK including corporate airport transfers

Covid-19 update

A World transformed

2020/21 has taught Golden Executive taxi outfits and everyone involved in the Travel, Hospitality and Leisure sector, particularly our competition (big fish with bigger egos splashing around in small ponds) and foes. Fools dem. Despite their best planning and plotting and scheming – most things in worldly life are just above you all..! In the end it doesn’t even matter.’

They planned and plotted, Verily God is the Best of Planners’.

Since the first of several Lockdowns in March 2020 which brought the UK and most of the World to a standstill to prevent the spread of The Contagion. Flights grounded, hotels and pubs and businesses forced into closure by Government lockdowns in force for the best part of 2020 and 2021. To shield the elderly and most vulnerable thereby protecting the NHS from becoming overwhelmed. Airlines letting go of pilots and staff, taxi drivers made redundant in the masses. From Loddon cars and taxis repossessed with the remainder taxi drivers turning to providing a First Class Executive takeaway & toilet roll delivery service in their Prestige cars. Without a Shadow Carriage of doubt proving they truly care about customers and their needs .

The World skipped a beat

Mckinsey research indicates Business travel is unlikely to recover to prepandemic levels until atleast 2024. Remote work and other flexible working arrangements are likely to remain in some form postpandemic and people will take fewer corporate trips. Confirmed by thought-leaders and Forbes; where previously workers would meet face-to-face, the shutdown in travel and of workplaces has forced many to converse virtually instead – and it works just fine!! With conferences also heading online, the business travel market has ground to a halt as people have developed confidence and learned to communicate without jumping on a plane to do so.


Prestige Awards 2021/2022 Winner Godspeed cars Awarded Best Taxi Service Provider Berkshire 2021 – UK Enterprise Awards SME News, 2021 Transport Awards

Stay Home Stay Safe

Since the first of several Lockdowns in March 2020 September 2021 to attempt to contain and control the Covid-19 flu virus detected in late 2019, Wash hands, wear a face mask and make space. Read Governments Covid-19 Guidance and Support

Which Service Level do you require?


T’is the season of goodwill

No surge pricing over the festive period.

It just wouldn’t be fair or ethical to charge extra at Christmas. Fixed rates 24/7 – All year round.

Book online

We’re an Anti-Racist company


Prestige Awards 2021/2022 Winner Godspeed cars Awarded Best Taxi Service Provider Berkshire 2021 – UK Enterprise Awards SME News, 2021 Transport Awards

Book online

Booking online has never been easier. Make your reservation online in a few minutes.
The most accurate way to make your reservation, improving accountability and leaving no room for human error compared to communicating your itinerary and booking details over the telephone. You will receive a booking confirmation for your peace of mind. To avoid disappointment please book your journey in advance to guarantee availability. Book online or Email


It always starts with good timekeeping

On time – Everytime. Your driver will arrive up to 10 minutes early – Giving you peace of mind. We’ll monitor flight arrivals, traffic reports and road conditions to avoid any possible delays. Drivers are trained in Best routes and navigation. Because time matters


Licensed and experienced drivers

Our drivers are licensed, insured, vetted and DBS checked. With good driving skills, trained to guarantee you a comfortable journey. Experienced drivers with a safe driving history, alert and sober, responsive to other road users. You’re in safe hands.


Safe and clean, comfortable cars

Our prestige cars are lciensed and insured. Late-model and well maintaned. Strictly No Smoking, valeted and cleaned frequently. Which means a pleasant ambience and a better journey expereince for you. Sit back and relax. Be Driven Direct.

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Straightforward pricing

Rates 2024

  • Fixed rates 24/7 Book Online
    • Maidenhead to Heathrow £13
    • Maidenhead to Luton £45
    • Maidenhead to Gatwick £50
    • Bracknell to Luton £50 taxi
    • Reading to Stansted £75 taxi
    • Henley to Heathrow £30 taxi
    • Marlow to Gatwick £50 taxi
    • Reading taxi to Luton £50
    • Marlow to Heathrow £27
    • Ascot taxi to Heathrow
    • Windsor taxi to Gatwick
New for 2023 PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE – We’ll beat otherwise atleast match any competitor in a 50 mile radius. Book Online



Godspeed cars

Godspeed cars Winners of Southern Enterprise Awards 2024, Quality Business Awards & Prestige Awards 2023 SME News Awards 2022/2021.