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Godspeed cars Prestige Awards Winners of Southern Enterprise Awards 2023

It’s official. Two-thirds of rides arrive within five minutes, with over 90% rides arriving within ten minutes. Reservations are being Accepted for 2024.


Prestige Awards 2023 Winner Godspeed Cars Awarded BEST LUXURY TAXI SERVICE PROVIDER 2022 – SOUTHEAST. Awarded BEST TAXI SERVICE PROVIDER BERKSHIRE 2021 – UK Enterprise Awards SME News, 2021 & 2022 Transport Awards.

Not to toot our own horn, but ..haven’t we been doing well..

Don’t just take our word for it;
What a piece of work is a mankind > It just so happens that we’re always too busy in life to give praise or leave a compliment, but quick on the draw to complain and criticise;

January 2023

First Class Executive

A First Class Executive service from 2022 into 2023. Exceptional. BR , Theresa May, Berkshire

Service Level : First Class Executive

December 2022

Prestige Cars of Wokingham

Prestige cars well driven and professionalism – Great value from Wokingham Hilton St Annes Manor to Heathrow. John Redwood, Wokingham

Service Level: Business Class

“Truly splendid service”

Jacob Rees-Mogg. Service Level: ECONOMY CLASS

July, 2016

Smooth, well driven

Lovely experience being driven in your BMW 7 series Long wheelbase, floating on air. quite literally.
Colin, Finchampstead.

Service Level: First Class.

In reply to Colin from Finchampstead
A wise man once told me that a car’s only ever as good as its driver.
Thank you for your kind words of support.

August 2018

THANKS for stepping up to the mark

THANKS Ahed for stepping up the mark… Economy class has never tasted so sweet.
Brilliant service and 1/2 the price of prestige. Because drivers are not overdressed in formalwear day and night driving prestigious mercedes E class as local taxis !! Highly recommended. MSM
Mark Mcgovern, Wokingham.

Service Level: Economy Class.

August 2021

Supergood taxi Loddon Cars

Waseem Mirza: From Loddon cars to Heathrow £30 also to Gatwick, Luton , Southampton only £55 – Amazing values Lovely.. The Customer is King’ and Customer is Always Right’ Always’ and iWaseem Mirza OK and iBusinessman OK. OK.

Service Level: Economy Class.


I’d rate them as excellent

I recommend this company unhesitatingly, having booked their cars regularly for over a year now. They are consistently reliable, have always arrived on time, and their team are friendly and organised. I’d rate them as excellent. 
Emma, Regular taxi booker, Wokingham. 

Service Level: First Class.

September 2018

Who is for who

incredibly rude drivers and office staff! Drivers seems to forget that without customers they are out jobless! You should attend the good manners course or change your profession if you dislike serving people. During complain to controller, I’ve been told the driver is not my servant, yes for that moment he is actually…. only the payd one. Like I said, they seem to forget who is for who….!!! Dorota Szostek, 2018.

Service Level: Economy Class.

In reply: Somebody please explain the difference between a Taxi Driver & Servant to Dorota Szostek, then deport her back to whichever Third World country she came from. Along with Vladimwit; Vladmir Galabov. Take Ивайло Гълъбов (whatever it is) too.

May 2019

Great Service by the way.. (.. unless fully booked..!!)

Great Service by the way.. (.. unless fully booked..!!)
I’m Nigel Aylwin-Foster. You took us to the airport and fetched’ us back, great service by the way’… Ref: FosterOn.
….. ….Ref: FosterOff.
Nigel Rodney Fane Aylwin-Foster, Winnersh.

Service Level: Economy class

In reply: Earlier in the year you praised our airport taxi services in ‘FosterOn’: stating “.I’m Nigel Aylwin-Foster..Great service by the way..”. whilst benefitting from our services..Few months later, you throw your toys out of the pram, pull rank to escalate complaint(s) in ‘FosterOff’ – Only because we weren’t at your beck and call..!! Being fully booked, we didn’t have availability for your request in a fortnights time. ‘Quite frankly you’re pathetic’ for being egoistic; BR Apka Pyoh
NB Nigel, ‘fetched’ is something that servants, butlers and dogs do, the term is condescending, and can be profoundly offensive. In contemporary usage the image which is most often called to mind is that of a dog chasing a stick or a ball. ie ‘Go fetch.!’ it comes from the old english fatian meaning ‘grasp’. To use this metaphorical association in regard to a humans actions is to equate the power relationship with that of a dog and its master. Taxi drivers are not servants, nor you a Master travelling economy class..!

August 2018

Wishing on a star..

 I wish I could give 0 stars. Upon tell the person who rang me I no longer needed the taxi and apologising to him, he proceeded to verbally abuse me. Rude and unnecessary. Henry Ogakwu   

Henry Ogakwu of Woodley. 2018 Google Review 

Service Level: NONE.

In reply to Henry OgakWho – Fool. Reread email. Do one

August 2017

Brilliant service.. cheapest fares

Brilliant service for the actually cheapest fares! The driver was incredibly polite and respectful and the car was extremely comfortable! Advise it to whoever wants to have a lovely travel!
Claudia Pinheiro, Wokingham. Google Review 2017

Service Level: Business Class.

It’s official. Two-thirds of rides arrive within five minutes, with over 90% rides arriving within ten minutes.

November 2018

Palestinian Kufiyah

Terrible. That driver picked me from London Heathrow wearing terrorist scarf. Not be using you again.

Service Level: Economy class

Agreeably the Palestinian Kufiyah/Keffiyeh (it’s called) which can be worn as a scarf or hijab (face mask too), is associated with Muslim/ Islamic terrorism, activists and freedom fighters. Famously worn by Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, Yasser Arafat and Che Guevara. More recently adorned by many of the martyrs in recent terrorist attacks in the UK and abroad.

However, not everyone wearing one is a terrorist, ie Politicans and Writers, George Galloway and Jeremy Corbyn. Supermodels Gigi Hadid wearing a Keffiyeh-style top by Chanel, her sister Bella wearing a Kufyeh hijab. Avengers star Mark Ruffalo, Colin Farrell and many more celebrities and sports stars and leaders – infact too many to list.

Long synonymous with the Palestinian struggle. The Keffiyeh is a symbol of remembrance to the fallen and a sign of resistance which creates awareness to stand in solidarity with Palestinian Muslims. Against genocide and the unlawful israeli occupation and persecution of Palestinian Muslims. Hundreds of thousands of innocent children shot dead or injured by the Jews. Palestinian families illegally evicted and displaced, homes bulldozed, lives destroyed – Nothing left to lose. Martyrdom.

Limbs amputated because they protested for their basic human rights and threw stones in defiance at the IDF – Israels army. David-Goliath like. Whilst the world watches on for economic or political advantage. Ignorance is bliss.

Blowback. Consequently the Keffiyeh is adorned by terrorists in revenge attacks against the UK and around the world, because the Palestinian cause acts as a trigger. Its no secret, foreign British Policy has torn apart most of the Middle-East, resulting in decades of violence dating back to The Balfour Declaration. Carving up Palestinian and Muslim land in favor of the Jews.

Starting out as a land-grab into acting as a catalyst for violence and revenge-terrorism in a religious war, against the UK and across the World. Despite being Abrahamic faiths (Judaism and Christianity stemming from Islam) and worshippers of the same God, the same prophets and fundamentally the same scriptures, bloodshed continues.

Compassion, sympathy for the oppressed (Palestinans (Muslims)) is not Anti-Semitism – It’s called being Human!!

The Israel/ Palestine conflict does however offer the solution to world peace, against radicalisation to prevent further Revenge-Terrorism. To foster peace between Israel and Palestine and stop oppression against innocent Muslims – Hardly Rocket science.

Acceptable loss. It seems a few thousand casualties and lives lost in terrorist attacks are offset by the billions gained from arms sales. The UK remains the world’s second-biggest arms dealer. Whilst you can’t put a price on human lives, billions are spent on counter terrorism and Defence, military and surveillance. Resulting in Job creation and economic development, giving people jobs and something to do with their lives. (Muslims too.. Sell-outs.)

Its a Win:Win.

Godspeed cars Prestige Awards Winners 2021/2022

MARch, 2019

Damned if we do, and damned if we don’t..

Totally unprofessional from start to finish f****d up.. Now you have confirmed that you can’t provide a taxi thus leaving me needing to book with another company with a weeks notice. Totally unprofessional from start to finish, a website that looks like its maintained by a 6 year old…I apologise if I offended you when I used the ‘f’ word in haste however I felt you deserved some strong feedback. Richard Whitworth – Syngenta, Emma Worsley MAR’2019

Service Level: Premium Economy

In reply: Didn’t take much for you to spit the dummy and escalate complaints – Only because we didn’t have availability due to high demand. Despite benefitting from our services in the past on several occasions without any cause for complaint (not from you atleast). For what its Worth Richard, racism can be sensed by BAME people without words even, can you believe..?! I know it’s all mind boggling isn’t it..? Racism becomes evident through your eye contact and behaviour, your conduct and communication.
Acknowledging and taking responsibility for unconscious or implicit bias ie racism is not just financially and reputationally important, it’s a moral imperative.

September 2018


Please do not send your driver rashid again, he picked me up last time and was very unhelpful. Anne Sheward, Wokingham 2018

Service Level: Economy

Dearest Anne, not carrying your suitcases from the arrivals hall to the parked car, is not reason enough for you to complain about a driver. Suitcases have wheels for a purpose, use them. Trolleys are readily available and porters can be hired at all LHR terminals for only £20. Read FAQs or Click to book Heathrow Porters. That driver has no animosity towards you despite your complaint, but it’s probably best you don’t contact us again. I do know every other taxi company in the area will discipline drivers (most have been trained like Coolie’s in Pakistan & India dressed in their wedding dresses) for not carrying your bags like porters, servant-like. Most of them will tolerate any abuse you wish to throw at them too – Use them.

Read Faqs: Will the driver assist me with my luggage?
Our drivers will help to load/ unload your luggage into/ from the vehicle.
Drivers may use their discretion to assist you with your luggage (which you’ve managed to haul around the world) to/ from the vehicle, providing you are polite and respectful. However our drivers are not porter’s – they are taxi drivers, and they’re within their rights to refuse to carry luggage and other loads under Health & Safety at Work guidelines. NB Drivers cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to luggage whilst being carried. Trolleys are readily available.

May 2018

Taxis cost me an arm..and a leg.

I needed a taxi from Hilton St Anne’s Manor Wokingham for a meeting in London. I booked on May 1st for service May 13th…
..I wanted to move the pickup time from 8:00 to 8:45 so I contacted them the afternoon before…. they cancelled my reservation. Very unprofessional. I ended up using the first cab I could find and it cost an arm and a leg. Jamie Beecher Bradshaw – taxi from Hilton St Anne’s Manor Wokingham to London

Service Level: None. Google review

Dear Jamie Beached Bradshaw (Hilton St Anne’s Manor Wokingham), Posting bitter, misrepresentative reviews on google accomplishes Nothing. We can assure you that your review is wasted, in every sense of the word.
If you’ve/ had a grievance with our company then your first port of call is to contact us directly: Either for an explanation and/ or recompense and/ or apology. The reasonable person would’ve done just that. Nevertheless, we’re deeply saddened to learn about this catastrophe involving Prestige Cars of Wokingham (hotels preferred supplier) during your stay at Hilton St Annes Manor. To help you through your trials & tribulations, we’re able to offer you £5 million PLI cover to assist with prosthetics and therapy. Best regards, Terry Ma

November 8, 2020


Lovely car and nicely driven but driver was not wearing poppy so will not be booking again. Goodbye.

Service Level: Business class

The Poppy, once a symbol of remembrance to the fallen british soldiers (Including 1/2 million Muslims) in the tragic World War I. Although not racist but like the England St.Georges flag (red cross on White background) commonly seen flown on council estates in the working-class enclaves. Poppies too have been co-opted by racists, fascists and hijacked by far-right groups like Britain First and EDL to stir-up islamophobia and hatred, divisive against those not wearing the poppy. Typically Muslims, constituting 4% of the UKs population.

For years after World War I, poppies were worn on One day only to observe two minutes silence on Remembrance Sunday. Armistice Day first observed in 1919 to commemorate the Armistice Agreement that ended World War on the ‘eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month; November 11, 1918 at 11am.

The Poppy Appeal has been broadened and generalised both in meaning and context to provide financial, social, political and emotional support to anyone who has served and are currently serving in the British Armed Forces and their dependants’. Thereby including the immoral wars of Iraq and Afghanistan and illegal invasions, proxy wars and drone attacks. Killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims civilians and children as collateral damage. Displacing millions as refugees, many onto the path of martyrdom and revenge terrorism – Blowback. Not to mention the atrocities committed by British Soldiers and systematic brutal torture of iraqi Muslims in British military bases.

Described as Poppy-fascism, many have complained its become a seasonal fashion accessory, wearing the poppy for social or work-related reasons to look patriotic when it suited them. Whilst Muslims are rejecting it as a symbol of Western Imperialism. Muslim women encouraged to wear poppy-hijabs criticised as a ‘shrouded loyalty test’ which implied that Muslims needed to prove their loyalty to Britain. Conflicted.

Some, including British-veterans have argued the Poppy Appeal has become excessive’. It comes around earlier and earlier every year, dragged through Christmas into the New Year. It has become common to see large poppies on cars, lampposts and billboards and everywhere and anywhere. With Poppy Appeal collections by army scouts in uniform parading local shopping centres with pop-up malls before pumpkins have even been cut-out for Halloween.

Godspeed cars Prestige Awards Winners 2021/2022

August 2016

Ивайло Гълъбов

Ивайло Гълъбов:
Appalled by what I read on this company’a website. They should have their licenses removed!Ивайло Гълъбов Google (website) review 2016

Service Level: NONE. Google Review

In reply; Dearest Ивайло Гълъбов, what on earth are you??
You seem to have misconstrued our website by scanning rather foolishly – you twerp!. So it is with the greatest pleasure that we extend our free test drive offer proposed to your BFF Vladimwit. Allowing you to experience our service levels and improve your literacy too!. You mustn’t jump the gun dear, you must be off your head. Hmm

August 2016

Vladamir Galabov

Before booking, read this car service’s FAQs on their website and then book at your own risk! They look opinionated, discriminative and dangerous! Vladimir Galabov, Bracknell – IHS Markit,Google (website) review 2016

Service Level: NONE. Google review

In reply; Dearest Vladimwit of Bulgaria, never judge a book by its cover.
We’re pleased to offer you a Free Test Drive to help broaden your horizons!!. For foolishly manipulating our website to post malicious and defamatory reviews in coming to the aid of your BFF Josh Bancroft. Perhaps some instruction and guidance too on the proper use of that thesaurus!! For only a fool can understand a book by skimming, cherry-picking content, being selective and taking information out of context.
You moron Vlad (just to be clear!).

Google reviews – a tangled web

Like every other taxi company around here in Berkshire e.g Loddon Cars etc, Do you offer free rides, discounts, and money-off vouchers for posting 5 star google reviews rating your business – or recommending others?

Nope. We’re somewhat different to the others.

We’ve never cared for much about Google reviews – as you can deduce from our online presence. For overwhelming research and evidence indicates online reviews are likely to be fake; or can be easily removed for a small fee using Online Reputation Management companies; or obtained by sending begging requests for 5 star reviews or offering discounts – far from being representative!!.. 

We’re dignified, we’ve always been above all that.

Fake Google reviews are untrue reviews written about business, products or services online. They’re often written by competitors to disrupt your online presence. They can also come from those who never shopped or interacted with you – called trolls. As demonstrated by Vladimir Galabov aka Bulgarias VLADIMWIT & co in 2016. There is also the possibility that one of your employees left a bad review just to vent out their frustrations or when you let them go, Loddon cars Mike Houldsworth. Rogue actors who are compensated with free rides or favor by competitors to act up i.e Henry Ogakwu (Prestige cars star customer list) who never used our service but felt entitled to post a 1 star review on Google. Not to mention Bradshaw Google review from Hilton St Anne’s Manor whose preferred supplier is Prestige Cars, along with long time customer Nigel Rodney Fane Aylwin-Foster. Or Richard Whitworth of Syngenta and Emma Worsley. Some will try to use fake reviews as leverage and blackmail i.e Anne Sheward a First Class Executive loyal or Marilyn Hawkins who has never travelled with us, thankfully.

What’s more, Google reviews are something a 6 year old can manage by setting up fake accounts using aliases – Too easy. We too could too easily post hundreds of fake reviews with eyes closed in order to boost our Google rankings and online presence, should we be bothered in the slightest..! Case in point Shadow Carriage of Maidenhead (Syngenta’s prefferred supplier) which has somehow managed to amass 101 Reviews – All 5 star during the Covid-19 Lockdown periods when taxis were not operating and the Government imposed national STAY HOME policies. Indicating angels grounded or its an ego-thing, or desperation quite possibly. Deluding themselves as entrepreneurs and businessmen in their little worlds to make their existence count for something, for anything, wish them well nevertheless. Big fish with bigger egos flopping around in small ponds.

It makes us who we are – Game-changers. Which allows us to challenge the status-quo and say real things which most other companies shy away from, i.e Institutional racism costing the UK economy £24 billion a year (McGregor-Smith Review 2017) every year. From transporting hundreds of thousands of corporate clientele, FTSE 100 blue-chip and senior directors every year and without a Shadow of doubt – as every other taxi driver/ chauffeur too has observed, they hardly-ever encounter BAME people in senior-level positions, let alone women wearing hijab/ headscarf or bearded asians. Its a White-mans World. Difference being, they think and say and make believe “its just the way it is.”, deluded. Bending over for 5-star Google reviews and increased workload, Sell-outs. . For fear of compromising corporate accounts by rocking the boat calling it for what it is – Racism. Consequently many competent british-born multi-generational BME graduates are still driving taxis with 2:1 degrees role-playing Coolie.

Recently in March 2021 reported Fake Google reviews boosting UK businesses – Read more. BBC News also reported of UK businesses caught buying five-star Google reviewsSham customers and fake reviews could have serious real-world consequences.

It keeps us grounded from flying in the Ego-Clouds like the rest. Neither are we taken for ransom by Fake reviewers or trolls, and threatened with negative reviews by customers with inflated-egos, if we don’t succumb to their unreasonable demands and discrimination against drivers they just didn’t take a liking to – for whatever reason.

Golden Executive Service

Godspeed Cars 2023 New for 2023 – PRICE MATCH PROMISE : We’ll beat or otherwise atleast match any competitor within 50 mile radius – Book Online Price Match Promise
Our rates are competitively priced in line with local companies. Rates advertised are current & valid from 2023. Flat Rates 24/7 ‘Because Time Matters – Price too. Never beaten on price or service.
Life is complicated enough without having to choose between the best service and the best price. That’s why we’ll price match if you find it cheaper elsewhere to give you the best value. We’ll also beat Google Review Discount Codes – Typically 15% OFF discounts offered up by local rivals in desperation for positive 5 star Google reviews, as common business practice. Best of all, you can keep your sellout google review ☆☆☆☆☆ We’re well and truly above all that !! 😉


Godspeed cars

Godspeed cars Winners of Southern Enterprise Awards 2024, Quality Business Awards & Prestige Awards 2023 SME News Awards 2022/2021.